Praise Nation works in conjunction with like-missioned organizations to serve our population in celebration of God. 

Unbound Pittsburgh

Unbound is a simple, gentle, and powerful prayer ministry of freedom and healing helping us to release the POWER OF THE GOSPEL over spiritual blockages such as resentments, negative thoughts, or addictions. Jesus sets us free by breaking the power of sin and revealing the love of God. 

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The Oakland Prayer Group

The Oakland Prayer Group, a ministry of St. Paul Cathedral, is focused on worshiping, praying, and cultivating life in the Holy Spirit together.

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, and have adopted the Life in the Spirit goals to grow in the knowledge of our identity as beloved children of God, strengthen our conviction in Christ’s Lordship, grow in a greater love for Scripture and open ourselves to the gifts the Holy Spirit gives at our Baptism and Confirmation, all are welcome!

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The Renew the I Do Foundation

The mission of the Renew the I Do foundations is to inspire marriages to THRIVE in today's culture, guided by research, science, and the Holy Spirit.​

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The Road of Faith

The personal reflections of Ed Corbett on his journey of faith as he learns to trust in Jesus.

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The Ark and The Dove

The Ark and The Dove is the home of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Our vision is to foster UNITY and to extend the grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit to all generations. We invite all to come by for a visit as a member of the family coming home.


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