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Welcome to Praise Nation Pittsburgh! 

About Praise Nation


Praise Nation is a movement that seeks to remind the Church that She is an extension of the Divine Life of God into the world!  She does this by inviting the Church to praise God in all things so that the Church becomes living praise as St. Paul says she should be in Ephesians Chapter 1. Thus, Praise Nation includes all those who live with hearts of praise and every person on the planet is a potential member. 

Currently at the center of this movement is the Blessed Trinity along with thousands of people whose lives have been transformed by the praise of God and who are seeking to become all praise in Christ!  

In the midst of this huge current of grace flowing through the Church, God has placed it on our hearts to begin to organize and coordinate the people of God for the praise of His glory!  For this work, the Lord has raised up a dedicated Leadership Team.  This team does not seek to monopolize the praise of God, but to fan into flame the praise of God in every person, place, and organization!

Our History


In November of 2016, monthly Festivals of Praise began at Holy Apostles Parish in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  At these Festivals of Praise, we praised and worshiped God, received teachings from priests, and heard testimonials from witness speakers.  Each night of praise was done in the context of Eucharist adoration.  These monthly events grew like wildfire!  
In early 2019, Fr. Levi Hartle and Joe Jacobs received the words “Praise Nation” in prayer.  In August, after months of discernment, these words were shared with the Festival of Praise Leadership Team who received them with great joy, and all were filled with excitement to discern together what this calling would mean.  In October, after deeper planning by the Leadership Team, we introduced Praise Nation and from that night forward Praise Nation’s profound journey began. 

Our Core Team

Board of Directors

The Praise Nation Band

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